0 Quick redemption notice

Yinhua Fund Management Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Zhong Lu on Sales Co., Ltd. opened Yinhua Fund Money Market Fund D 0 rapid redemption notice to further meet the financial needs of investors, rich Monetary Fund as cheap jerseys china a liquidity management tool for financial management function, Yinhua Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) by consensus with the Shenzhen Zhong Lu Fund Sales Co., decided since September 19, 2014 Zhong Lu Fund for individual investors (the Investors ) opening of the company's money market securities investment fund YINHUA quick redemption, the specific content of notice as follows:

Quick redemption business: refers to investors in a business opening hours, by Paul fund public online trading system to apply to the Company will be held by the Fund to redeem shares quickly, after fund registration agency confirmed that the company handled fund shares to investors Rapid transfer to the Fund redemption special account to investors to apply for shares and corresponding rapid advance payments, redemption of shares after confirmation, corresponding redemption money for repayment of advances by the Company has been in the D-Day is this announcement refers to calendar days, T Day is the normal trading day Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange since September 19, 2014, each natural day 0:00 to 24:00 the Company under the business development needs, adjustment of the opening hours. Each natural at night due to inter-bank clearing system, our system of liquidation and other reasons, the Company will not timed pause this feature, then please refer to the Company and Zhong Lu Fund website to know (a) the investor to apply for quick redemption business, you need to read and agree to quick cash User Service Agreement (ii) the investor redemption requests initiated quickly, held for fund shares Yinhua currency A shares per application limit is 0.01 parts (inclusive), for a pen resulting in a single transaction when the redemption of fund shares account is less than 0.01 part, the balance of the redemption of fund shares must be together. Single natural day (day zero to day zero) Quick redemption requests cumulative limit of 500,000 shares (inclusive), the cumulative amount in a single calendar day limit of 5 pen (included), rapid application may not be revoked investor redemption of the Company According to business development, the right to adjust the above restrictions, and posted on the Company and Zhong Lu Fund website, without prior notice (c) initiating investor redemptions business applications quickly and successfully identified by the agency after the fund registration, initiate rapid redemption date of the application belongs to the application of natural (including the day) from an investor, the investor will no longer enjoy that part of income of the fund of fund shares (d) D Day investors purchase shares, if a non-trading day D-Day before, the application will be deemed to apply to the next trading day T day subscription and redemption operations can be carried out quickly (a) Investors applying rapid redemption service in T 2 days, please log cheap jerseys Zhong Lu Fund website read Quick cash User Service Agreement and other legal documents, the interpretation of the above business Zhong Lu fund all (b) The Company may make improvements or adjustments based on business needs for rapid redemption, the Company and Zhong Lu Fund will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations provisions of the Notice (3) To conduct rapid redemption investors will not enjoy from the date of withdrawal (including the date) income (5) Due to Loaning positions, network traffic or other reasons, there may be rapid redemption can not be used case fund managers are committed to honesty, diligence and application of principles of management of fund assets, but does not guarantee the profitability of fund, nor guarantee a minimum income, please note that investment risk investors military B: Conversion may occur from time to time share first a Risk Warning Notice > Military B: first risk may occur from time to time share commuted

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