D27 - 101 Sea Oats Ln, Carolina Beach

This was our beach access (before hurrican Florence)
View of Building & Pool
Grill Area
Grill Area
Parking under the buildings
Living Room
Queen Sofa Bed and Ottoman
Home Office
Patio - View of the Pool
small Kitchen
Dinning Table (4 chairs)
Living Room
fishing, fishermen, fisher
Freeman Park
Freeman Park

Dear Family and Friends.

We would like to welcome you to our beach condo.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  

There are a couple of things you need to know.  You will see around the condo little notes (those are more for me (Belen)  than for you). 
Here are some of the items on those notes:

  1. On the 2nd floor – No elevator!!!!

  2. Parking:  Your car will be towed away if it doesn’t have a parking pass clearly visible with the unit number written on it.  So make sure to do this as soon as you get in.  The parking passes are located next to the lamp next to the sofa.  There is no assigned parking.  You can park under the blue, green and pink buildings.  But, if you park behind another unit’s vehicle, please be available in case you need to move it.  Don’t go to the pool or to the beach.

  3. Access to the unit  – You should have received two codes.   One is a unique code for the front door.  This will open the door to the patio.  Then you will see a door to a storage room.  On the left side of that door there is a Keybox.  Those keys are for the sliding door and the pool.

  4. Shoes OUTSIDE – Now more than ever could you please leave your shoes outside on the patio?  There is a shoe rack inside that you can move outside.  What we usually do, is have sandals that we only use for the inside.

  5. Water Valve is OFF –  if you want to use the bathroom or the sink, you will need water.  So, please go all the way to the bedroom and inside the closet there is the water heater.  Above it, you will be able to see 2 water valves.     To turn on the water – put the water valve parallel to the pipe. To turn off – put the water valve perpendicular to the pipe.  *  Turn it on as soon as you arrive.  Turn it of before you leave.

  6.  Water Heater is OFF – if you want to take a hot shower or use the dishwasher.  You will need hot water. 
    When we leave, we usually leave the switch on the electrical panel turned off.  
    To turn on the water heater, go to the electrical panel located on the wall near the half bathroom.
    Put the switches #11 & 13, on the on position.  
    please turn it on when you arrive and turn it off before you leave.

  7. Dishwasher switch off –  the same thing with switch#10.

  8. Cameras – The unit has two cameras.  One near the microwave, the other on the window of the bedroom. Please disconnect them when you arrive, but make sure to plug them back in before you leave.

  9. Sofa Bed & Ottoman – The sofa has a queen size mattress to fit two people.  I also bought an Ottoman that can be convert to a foam bed for one person.  I bought the ottoman because I was lazy since the sofa-bed takes much longer to set up.  I did not buy it to have more people on the apartment.  Note that our HOA only allow us to have a maximum of 4 people sleeping in the apartment.

  10. The BED – I think the most expensive item in the apartment is the bed.  ha.ha.ha.  It is an adjustable bed and it has a control remote.  The mattress is the brand “Purple”.  It is amazing.  So, please don’t let kids jump on the bed.  Also, we usually leave it covered with a plastic cover just in case “hurricanes” and flooding.  So, at arrival, just take the plastic cover off and when you leave just put it back.  Make sure the mattress and the bed frame are totally covered.  (Thanks).

  11. Sheets and Towels – Please bring your own.  If you forget, you can use ours, but before you leave just put them on the washer machine itself.  Do not turn it on.

  12. Noise – Be aware that you are on the second floor.  So, try not to walk heavy, jump or run. Quite time SHOULD be 11PM to 7AM. 
    (I say it should, because during HOLIDAYs there are a lot of Party rentals, so it may get a little bit noisy).
    Ear plugs – if you are not used to living in an apartment, I will suggest to bring some noise cancelation earplugs to sleep.  Most of the times, I don’t use them but it depends on the neighbors.  Many apartments are rented through Airbnb so it depends on the day/weekend/the season.  If you have a Noise machine, feel free to bring it.
    * Important:  if the neighbors are not being quiet, please let us know so we can complain with the management company. Or if it is too bad, just call the police.     

  13. Storage room (outside) – there are 2 Surf boards, one inflatable raft for the pool, 2 beach chairs, and maybe a beach ball. There are two surf boards, but please treat them like they are gold.  We just bought them and we have used them maybe 2 times.

  14. Swimming Pool – There are pool furniture, that you can use.  But, note that the management company will not sanitize the premises.  So, until the pandemic is 100% over, make sure to clean the furniture yourself or bring your own. YOU will need a key to get into the pool.  It will be in the keys of the apartment.  

  15. Trash Can – We only have one trash can in the apartment.  But, please separate the recycle since there is a dumpster downstairs.

  16. The Stove – it is a nightmare to clean it.  It gets dirty so easily and it takes a lot of elbow grease to clean it.  
    If you don’t want to clean the stove, that is OK.  I can do that.  Just clean the surface of the stove as much as possible with the soft part of a sponge.  I will do the rest.  No worries.  (no extra fee).  Do not try to clean it with the hard part of the sponge. 
    If you decide you want to clean it yourself.  Please, only use a wet paper towels and a powder cleanser ,”BonAmi”.  You can find the powder under the kitchen sink.  Make sure to wait until stove has completely cool down before applying the powder.

  17. Dishwasher – Please always unload the dishwasher and put dishes away before leaving.  Please don’t forget to shut off the switch for the dishwasher on the electrical panel.

  18. Electronics – don’t forget to take all your computer and telephone plugs.

  19. When leaving, please don’t forget to return the parking pass, the water valve (off), the water heater switch (off), cameras (on),  trash, etc.

  20. Clean the apartment –  You can leave the apartment without cleaning it, but we will need to charge a $180 fee to have a person come an clean the apartment and do the laundry.  Let us know in advance if you would like to do that.  Most of our friends bring their own sheets and towels, and leave the place clean, so they don’t have to pay this fee.

  21. Cleaning Products – There are cleaning products under the sinks. If you see that we are low on something, please let me know or write it down on a notepad we left on the refrigerator door.